Three Years On

TW: cancer, hospital, mental illness and PTSD. September 2020 I sit cross legged with my back against my bed.  ‘Every morning I wake up and I thank my body for being here, for being a vessel for my soul to roam this earth in’. I roll my shoulder so it clicks.  ‘In this meditation, I’m … Continue reading Three Years On


Some names have been changed. I meet Rai the day I decide to shave my head. Upon arrival at the hospital my hair is falling out onto my jumper and more is being pulled away every time I take my scarf off. Every time I pull a brush through it, the loose hair tangles into … Continue reading Loss

My Symptoms

I’m about half way through my first professional theatre job after graduating drama school when I start to notice my stomach. The costumes that I’ve had made to measure at the beginning of the rehearsal are becoming almost painful to get into by this point in the run. In the shower I look down and … Continue reading My Symptoms