The Golden Egg

At the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian cancer. As I was singing Auld Lang Syne (badly) on New Year’s Eve 2017, I definitely didn’t expect my life to take on so many changes. The main one would have to be the amount of time I’ve suddenly got on my hands –  as I’m not currently well enough to work, undergoing chemotherapy and awaiting surgery.

My brain is generally mush. But I have a lot of time to think about what happened to me, what is happening to me and what will happen to me. I definitely don’t want to leave the experience unrecorded, and I have a couple of ideas of how exactly to do that, but I’m going to start with this blog.

I hope I can get my story out there, and provide some insight and even entertainment for my friends, loved ones and whoever might need it or be interested in it. Some posts will probably be more coherent than others, some might make you laugh, some you probably won’t have asked for, but I hope you enjoy regardless.

It begins, a girl who looks like an egg, with her egg-maker taking a bit of a kicking, turning the experience into something golden.

‘Living my life like it’s Golden,’ – Jill Scott


3 thoughts on “The Golden Egg

  1. Adele Patterson. says:

    Rosa, even though I don’t know you I want you to believe this: you are so incredibly brave!! That widely used cliche “you don’t realise how brave you actually are” DOES apply to you.

    My sister was also diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and it turned our world and her world upside down.
    Like you, she tried to remain positive and live a “normal” kind of life in between chemotherapy, appointments, surgeries etc.
    She also led a very busy life with 4 kids, a husband, a job and to be honest, I think she secretly had shares in our local shopping centre as she never stopped shopping!

    Her attitude was:- I am NOT cancer, cancer does NOT define me….cancer just happens to be one of many chapters in my life……its not the entire book!

    Rosa, don’t let it define you. Even on your bad days when you feel sick tired and completely fed up, don’t let IT get the better of you.
    Take all your emotions feelings and thoughts out on your blog, your diary and your video blog. Document everything as (1) in years to come, you can look back on all of this and say to yourself “I really am a warrior, I bloody well beat that” (2) you can let others know what exactly its like having cancer and finally (3) you will be helping so many other sufferers like you.

    My sister kept a diary, some days it had 3 words:- “F—K you cancer” other days it had many words:-“I miss my children and my life before this”,, “Why did this happen to me” and on her good (ish) days “I’m missing the Next sale and saving a complete fortune”.
    Her diary was full of high lows ups and downs but this was her story…….so let this be your story!! Keep in mind part of Louis Therouxs’ quote ““The world is a stage we walk upon”. Rose, ou are the main character, so take lead. Don’t let anyone or anything dictate the pace!!

    You have so many people behind you backing you up and wanting nothing but the best for you. You are loved dearly and have captured the hearts of all your family and friends.

    As I said to my sister, “You have the strength of a gladiator and heart of angel” and I say the same to you Rosa.

    I wish you nothing but the very very best, I really do Rosa. I look forward to seeing your name in lights, your name in credits and programmes and for the world to know exactly who you are. Rosa Hesmondalagh, the girl who didn’t let cancer bring her to her knees, instead, it took her to her feet! Xxxxx


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