At the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian cancer. As I was singing Auld Lang Syne (badly) on New Year’s Eve 2017, I definitely didn’t expect my life to take on so many changes. The main one would have to be the amount of time I’ve suddenly got on my hands –  as I’m not currently well enough to work, undergoing chemotherapy and awaiting surgery.

My brain is generally mush. But I have a lot of time to think about what happened to me, what is happening to me and what will happen to me. I definitely don’t want to leave the experience unrecorded, and I have a couple of ideas of how exactly to do that, but I’m going to start with this blog.

I hope I can get my story out there, and provide some insight and even entertainment for my friends, loved ones and whoever might need it or be interested in it. Some posts will probably be more coherent than others, some might make you laugh, some you probably won’t have asked for, but I hope you enjoy regardless.

It begins, a girl who looks like an egg, with her egg-maker taking a bit of a kicking, turning the experience into something golden.

‘Living my life like it’s Golden,’ – Jill Scott